10 Smart Website Design Tips to Take to the Bank…

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Every business no matter how small should have an internet presence in today’s technology-based world and with so many website design services out there it’s quite easy to establish your online presence within a matter of weeks.

If your business does not have a basic website or an application by now then your business is losing the exposure and branding it needs to compete with other businesses offering the same products and services that you are?

Website design is quite technical unfortunately even if you are going to use a ‘WYSIWYG’ ( what you see is what you get), program to build it so we recommend you use web development services to get your business site up and running.

Perhaps you want to learn how to build your own website and this is possible if you are prepared to go through the learning curve but take these important points into consideration when you do:

  1. Always keep it Simple

Surely you have heard the saying “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” And this is very apt in website design. Many business owners tend to overload their websites with too many graphics, banners and links, especially on the home pages.

This not only slows the site down but also confuses visitors and keep in mind you have just a few seconds to engage visitors. Google and Facebook are great examples of simplicity in design on their landing pages.

  1. Visitors must know immediately what they are looking at when they Land

When people use search engines to look for something and your website comes up does it instantly convey the message they are looking for, Immediately!

Good website design for small business means that your page must tell them the second they land that you have what they were looking for in products, services or information without beating around the bush.

  1. Quality Content and Information on your Website is King.

Search engines are becoming smarter. Call the AI’s if you like (Artificial intelligence). They will scan your website content to see whether it is relevant to what you the human were searching for. If yes will your visitors stay on your website to read the information and use it or follow the conversions you want them to on your website?

Besides delivering quality content make certain that this meets the current trends so update your content regularly as well.

  1. Offer Easy Navigation Even Child Can Understand.

Too many links drop-down menus and places to click crammed into the home page can kill your visitor’s interest because it confuses the hell out of them.

Rather group content into easy to find categories targeted to each specific product, service or information that is easy to navigate to. Add help pages, frequently asked questions and videos which will all assist the visitors into the direction you want them to go…

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  1. Don’t overload visitors and annoy them!

With the above points this plays in too where you should not annoy visitors with too many banners, popup, pushing them to subscribe offering things that are free but are really not, and content that is irrelevant.

Real people visit your website so treat them as such and they are not dumb asses either. Give them what they want but look at your website carefully and see whether you feel irritated. If you do make changes today…

  1. You can try and be as perfect As possible.

Sure we all know that nobody is perfect, but your website design should try to be. That means go back often to check for spelling and grammar errors and dead links or missing images which is particularly important for product images of what you are selling…

  1. it’s All About SEO for the big boys.

Website design should be search engine friendly particularly for the big boys link Google and Bing so your site must play by the rules if you want them to send you visitors.SEO trends constantly change which can be frustrating but the basics have always remained the same so at least stick to these.

There are thousands of other search engines out there and if you have optimized your sites with the big boys the other search engines will also rank you as well. So its win-win.

  1. Social media signals.

Yes today every business has a connection with social media sites the likes of Facebook, Twitter Linkedin and so on. Your business depends on the visitors to share and if they like what they see they will pass on your information to others thus generating you new business.

Also, use mailing lists to keep in touch with your clients. Support must also be included to answer questions and be awesome in services delivery.

  1. Be Mobile Responsive.

Simple to do and absolutely vital today considering everyone even kids have tablets, p laptops. Smart phones and computers. That means your website design must automatically adapt itself to browser-screen window sizes.

This is important to make your website accessible from smart phones to and it goes without saying that the future of the internet lies in mobility: so responsiveness is not negotiable.

  1. Updates, updates, updates.

You need to constantly keep websites updated because the face of the internet is changing all the time and you need to change with it. This means your website design is never finished.

Using web development services like RITCOR to help you deliver content or make design changes is useful. Contact us to get help with all your website development needs from content to updates and we will be glad to help