What Sets Our Laptop and PC Repairs Services Apart From Competitors?

Laptop Repairs Johannesburg

Ritcor Offer the Most Competitive Rates in the Industry…

Computer and laptop repairs is certainly a specialized job and only skilled technicians that have been properly qualified and trained to do this work should ever open a laptop or computer to do the necessary repair work.

Having said that it is surprising and even sad that many companies in this industry literally rip the BALLS off consumers for this type of services in the rates they charge. In some cases, laptop and PC repair technicians charge more than what doctors and surgeons charge in their rates. 

Let’s Take a Look at Some of These Competitors Rates

Competitor 1

Computer Repair Services

Competitor 2

Shocking laptop Repairs Rates.

For another example, One well-known company charges >>>R750 per hour and for every hour thereafter R500<<<

….so a complicated job could cost you 4 x 5 hours which would be massive.


….and some of the technicians we have encountered in some stores seem less than qualified or experienced in doing the work…

Let us help YOU…

Ritcor is a family owned business that offers you laptop repairs and computer repairs services from a DELL qualified technician from the UK.

Our Technician has years of experience in fixing laptops and computers in small and large institutions, from Universities to hospitals, companies and schools, to name a few.

Ritcor laptop and computer repairs services in Johannesburg are done at a fraction of the rates you will pay at competitors, while you can have peace of mind of receiving gold level skilled services and aftersales second to none.

DELL Support and Laptop Repairs Johannesburg

Why Use Our Services?

Clients that have used us once always come back because we offer fair, affordable rates for repairs, and best possible prices for parts for laptop and PC repair Johannesburg, with additional services as shown above at almost a quarter of the prices…

Computer Repairs Johannesburg

Our Skilled Technicians are experienced in:

Software Fixes

Our technician has skills in the latest versions of software and how they work and sometimes your machine needs fine tuning of a program that someone can’t get up and running. Being familiar with many types of software allows us to help you solve a wide variety of software issues.

Hardware Fixes 

Our skilled technician knows the various aspects of computer hardware so that he will help you with all makes and models of rep[airs on a wide variety of computers from desktops to laptops. Tablets aren’t generally worked on other than software issues.

Fair affordable ricing

Many computer repair technicians charge a flat rate per hour while others charge according to what the job entails. We will give you a quote so that there are no nasty surprises. Use the contact form on this website to learn more…

We look forward to getting your machines repaired and running smoothly again…

Laptop Repairs Johannesburg